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Newly Adopted Resolution

Procedures for Enforcement of Deed Restrictions Violations

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Introduction Letter for Newly Adopted Resolution

Happy New Year to everyone in our Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association (WHMA) Community.

Please read the documents below carefully. The first document is the cover letter which references 'enclosed' copy of a newly adopted resolution. The new resolution details how Deed Restriction Violiations will be handled in the future and is shown below (keep scrolling) or you can download the documents to the device of your choice.

We also have provided contact information in the event you want to voice a complaint. Or in the event you receive a violations notice. We occasionally will receive unsigned complaint letters from neighbors in the WHMA community who are complaining about their neighors. Unsigned letters are good for your personal venting satisfaction but does not help resolve any issues. We kindly ask that you be specific when reporting a problem.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our community. We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!

WHMA Board of Directors

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