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Mailbox Guidelines

All homes in the Hamlet are regulated by the requirements of the United States Postal Service (USPS), and must therefore provide an authorized mail receptacle, including proper installation and maintenance. Let us take pride in the appearance of our mailboxes.


Since USPS is a federal agency, their standards apply nationally and are NOT regulated by local government agencies. There are three approved standard sizes and two styles of mailboxes, so make sure that if you are buying a new mailbox, it satisfies USPS requirements.


The two styles are: Traditional and Contemporary.


The three sizes are: 18 1/2” Long X 5” Wide X 6” High

19 1/2” Long X 6” Wide X 7” High

22 1/2” Long X 8” Wide X 11 ½” High


Mailbox installation standards are:

  • The bottom of the mailbox to be at a vertical height of 42” to 48” above the street surface
    (NOT the curb).
  • From the front face (street side) of the curb to the mailbox door should be 6” to 8”.

The post should be neat, sturdy and strong enough to support your mailbox.


Home address numbers that are at least 1” tall should be applied to the right side of the mailbox or post.


No signs or advertisements may be attached to your mailbox or post.


And YES, it is illegal for any person, other than the property owner or resident and USPS employees, to open or close the door, or insert, or remove any item from your mailbox.