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Home & Vehicle Security

Here in the Hamlet, since we have only 2-way streets, parking is LEGAL only on the right side of each street. The red reflectors on the rear of vehicles are to warn night drivers that they are approaching the rear of another vehicle. So, by parking the wrong way on a street, the front of this vehicle is facing the oncoming traffic, plus, it is illegally parked.

And remember, it is ILLEGAL to park within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant. This one might get your vehicle towed! Also, NO Parking allowed within 20 feet of a cross walk.

Parking in a driveway, when possible, is safer than street parking. The 'street' side of a vehicle parked in the street is more vulnerable to break-in and vandalism than the 'curb' side, and even more so when no alarm system is employed.

Remove all loose valuable items – or at least cover them to prevent viewing from the outside of the vehicle. And, above all, use normal precautions such as closing all windows, sun-roofs and lock all doors.

Available stats will show that homes and outside property that is neat and well-kept have less problems with burglary and theft than the reverse conditions. Security systems influence the number of home forced entries.

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Double-keyed deadbolt locks are recommended for exterior entrance doors, along with reinforced door-facing inner safety plates. Security lights with motion sensors seem to help deter night mischief acts. Keeping the yard clean and mowed, shrubbery trimmed and clear of the walls of buildings, and doorways clear and visible will give everything a more secure appearance.

Security is like charity – it needs to begin at home.