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IMPORTANT: Articles 10-Animals, 11-Garbage & 20-Maintenance Association and Charge

- As Donald Rumsfeld said: 'We can't know what we don't know.'

PLEASE READ ARTICLE 20, followed by 10 and 11 - below. Some of you probably read these Articles - which can be found in the Declaration of Restrictions for Williamsburg Hamlet Section One (1) and Section Four (4) - when you moved into our friendly community while others may never have read them before signing their deed.

We, the Board, have been getting questions, notices and other signals from our community that indicates it is time to share three important Articles about Maintenance Dues, Animals/Pets and Garbage.

We invite you to read them, share them, discuss them with your family and friends and most important of all: ADHERE TO THEM. They are intended to aid in the aesthetic appearance of our community, to maintain the value of our property and to keep our community safe. 

For comments about this news article or to contact the WHMA Board of Directors, please send an email to 


THE STATE OF TEXAS                





          The services or things which may be furnished and paid for by the Association out of the maintenance fund shall include maintenance and repair of streets, parkways and esplanades; mowing and cleaning of vacant lots; the acquisition of common area property for recreational or other purposes and the construction, installation, operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of any facilities or improvements placed thereon (subject to the limitations herein set forth with respect to expenditures for such purposes); fire, police and security patrol services; installing, maintaining, replacing and paying for the operation of street lighting; providing, maintaining, and replacing shrubbery, plants, grass, trees, monuments, gate-ways, and other landscaping or decorative improvements at subdivision entrances and elsewhere in esplanades, parkways, street right-of-way and other areas; fogging for insect control; the collection of garbage and other waste (the point of collection to be at the discretion of the Association, for example, back-door, front curb, or other location); paying legal and other expenses for the enforcement of the provisions of these Restrictions; paying all taxes assessed against the Association’s property; and any and all other services or things which the Association shall deem necessary or desirable for the maintenance and improvement of the aforenamed subdivision and the approaches thereto, it being expressly provided that the Association shall not be limited to the particular items set forth above, nor shall the Association be required to furnish and pay for any of said particular items (other than the priority items hereinafter recited).  Also, the Association shall be under no obligation to continue to furnish and pay for any particular service or thing after the commencement thereof (other than said priority items).

          In regard to the aforedescribed services or things to be furnished and paid for by the Association, it is hereby established that installing, maintaining, replacing and paying for the operation of street lighting, together with providing, maintaining and replacing shrubbery, plants, grass, trees, monuments, gate-ways and other landscaping or decorative improvements at subdivision entrances and elsewhere in esplanades, parkways, street right-of-way and other areas, shall be priority items which are to have first call on maintenance charge funds.




          No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot, whether for commercial purposes or otherwise, except that residents may keep common household pets such as cats or dogs.  In this regard, the hereinafter named Association shall have the right and authority to limit the number and variety of household pets permitted and shall have the further right to establish regulations from time to time providing for the control of pets (for example, a requirement that dogs must be kept on leash or within a fenced enclosure when outdoors).


          No lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste, and such substances shall not be kept upon any lot, except that the garbage and other waste accumulated from normal household operations may be kept temporarily for purposes of collection.  All such waste substances being kept on a lot pending collection thereof shall be kept in closed sanitary containers with tops or lids, or in plastic bags with the tops thereof tied.  Any such containers shall be hidden from general view by a screen or enclosure, and the size and type of waste containers, the screening or enclosure therefor, the temporary location of such containers and plastic bags pending collection, and the period of time such containers or bags may be situated at such temporary location shall all be subject to the approval of the hereinafter named Association.  All containers, bags, or other equipment for the storage or disposal of such waste substances shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.