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Love Your Pets: Leash Them or Lose Them

The Board of Directors of Williamsburg Hamlet continues to receive complaints about dogs running loose, without leashes or supervision, and stray cats having kittens and digging in yards everywhere. When driving through our community, homeowners must pay extra attention to avoid hitting these pets since we’ve all seen little dead bodies lying on the street. Also, an unleashed Siberian Husky dog has been reported running in the streets, scratching the front door of homes, making the property owners very nervous.

While the Board of Directors shall not be liable for the actions or complaints of the property owners’ pets, we all are aware that loose dogs can potentially injure children or adults.

Please note Article 10 in the Deed Restrictions “Animals & Pets” which states: ‘dogs must be kept on a leash or within a fenced enclosure when outdoors’.

Additionally, we have complaints about dogs barking excessively at night disrupting the community and waking up the neighbors.

Please note Article 8 of the Deed Restrictions which states: No noxious or offensive activity of any kind which may constitute or become an annoyance or nuisance to the subdivision neighborhood shall be permitted on any lot’.

Animal Control

If you know the pet’s owner feel free to alert them. However, if you feel threatened or see the loose dog(s) frequently, please call the Harris County Animal Control at 281-999-3191 or the Harris County Sheriff Department at 713-221-6000.

For more information on the Harris County Animal Laws and Regulations please visit:

Thank you!

WHMA Board of Directors

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