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Garbage & Recycling

WHMA Guidelines

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Garbage & Recycling - WHMA


Name: Best Trash Phone: 281-313-2378



  • Wednesday Pick-up
    • Trash
    • Recycle bins
    • Large items (limited to 2 items)
  • Saturday Pick-up
    • Trash
    • Large items (limited to 2 items)


  • For pick up on Wednesdays and Saturdays, trash and/or recycle bins can be placed at the curb the day of or the night before.
  • All trash containers and recycle bins must be removed* from the curb and stored out of public view from the street on the same day as trash pick-up.

*If you are away from home and cannot remove your trash container(s) and recycle bin(s) on the day of pick up, please arrange with a neighbor, friend, family member, etc. to assist you by moving the containers out of public view.

Homeowners will receive three (3) reminders if your trash/recycle containers are left out visible from the street following trash pick-up with the third notice sent as certified mail.

Failure to comply after the third notice will be subject to a $100 charge for each offense

Please keep this information handy for future reference!

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