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Have You Heard About the WHCRWA Pipelines Coming Through WHMA???

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WHMA Sections 1 & 4 and WHCRWA Pipelines

Combination map outline of Section 1 and Section 4 maps that reflect the outline of the two West Harris County Regional Water Authority - Houston, Texas (WHCRWA) pipelines that have effects on our subdivision - mainly the one that splits Section 1. It is the one that will have the 64-inch diameter water line installed between the two gaslines that are now there. We hope this article will help our community to see and understand some of the effects the waterline installation may have on the Hamlet.

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Follow this link - - to learn more. After opening, scroll down the page to "Current Projects" and browse by clicking on pictures, links, etc. There is a 'ton' of info in this article for anyone interested in reading about this water pipeline. From the image shown above, you can see where it will cross Powderhorn and more, adding construction, work trucks, disrupting yards, etc. WHCRWA does have a webpage for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here:

If anyone in the WHMA Community who will have 1/2 of their back yard dug up are not interested now - they can't complain that we did not publish information about it prior to - - .

This article is posted on the main page of the website under the navigation that reads: WHMA Pipelines. Just click and go right to the article.

This information is provided by the WHMA Board of Directors for the benefit of the members of our community.