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Faster Internet Service

Coming to Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association

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The Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association (WHMA) is pleased to inform you that a faster, speedier Internet service will be coming your way soon. 

Consolidated Communications,Inc. (CCI) will provide a fiber optic network so that, when completed, it will allow much greater speeds and durability in meeting your Internet requirements. The new high speed fiber optic lines are being placed throughout WHMA and our surrounding communities.  

We can expect to see crews from Varcable, Splicers, Inc., and CCI working in our community. CCI will notify us when the fiber optic network installation is complete and available for our residents to upgrade to the new, faster Internet, should you choose to do so.  

Keep an eye out for door hangers to notify you when crews needing access to the utility easement will be working in your area.  


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