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All About Callegari Park in Katy, Texas

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Because we frequently receive questions about the Callegari Park, we want to provide everyone with the following information about the park and also provide the history of the park. 

The park is managed and maintained by our MUD - #64. 

  1. The Callegari Park is for the enjoyment of property owners in both the WHMA and Lakecrest subdivisions.   
  2. It is not available to rent – it is to be used on a first come, first serve basis.   

Requirements for using the Callegari Park include:

1. Leave everything clean, i.e., out of respect and gratitude for this excellent amenity, leave the park in better condition than when you got there! 

2. Do not destroy or vandalize any of the park amenities including playground equipment, exercise equipment, pavilions, benches, artwork, and more. 

Security: Keep in mind that the park is monitored by security cameras connected to the Harris County Police Department and to the MUD 64 employees and board members of both sub-divisions.   

You can read about the history of the park using this link from a previous WHMA news article:   

Hoping that when you use the park, you will enjoy it and respectfully do you part in the upkeep.


Thank you!   

Board of Directors 

Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association 

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