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Yard of the Month Contest  Runs May through October 2022

Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association wants to recognize members of our community who demonstrate above-average efforts in maintaining their property thereby contributing to the overall appearance of the community at large. The overall curb appeal is important so the Yard of the Month Committee will focus primarily on the front, sides, and appearance of the home to pick the winners. 

Three winners will be chosen each month, May through October 2022, by The Committee.   

Help us pick the winners! Please assist in the selection process by sending an email to the Committee at when you see a yard with great curb appeal according to some of the guidelines below.   

Each winner will: 

  1. Receive a prize in the form of a gift card 
  2. Have a decorative yard sign displayed for the month in which you won  
  3. Display a photo of your yard on the WHMA community website 
  4. Display a photo of the winners with their yardon the website (optional)    

Contest Guidelines 

  1. All residential properties within the WHMA community are automatically eligible.
  2. Award winners are selected based on judging criteria such as one or more of the following: curb appeal, uniqueness, beauty, manicured yard, beautification, originality, tidiness, neatness, and creativity. General upkeep of the yard and property is paramount.
  3. Yards may be maintained by the property owner or a person or persons appointed to maintain the property.
  4. The same property cannot receive more than one award throughout the duration of the Yard of the Month contest. 

Watch for our next Community contest when we pass out prizes for our Christmas contest awards for categories such as: Holiday Cheers, Christmas in Wonderland, and Deck the Halls. 

Board of Directors  

Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association


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