· Williamsburg Hamlet,WHMA Pool,July 4


*CDC Guidelines for Aquatic Facilities During Covid-19

  • Pool furniture will NOT be provided - residents need to bring their own chairs
  • No use of slides, diving boards or play structures
  • No game playing that interferes with social distancing
  • Follow guidelines provided on the signs posted at the pool   
  • Restroom use will be limited to one family at a time
  • Sign in upon arrival. Use disinfectant to clean pen between uses by different people
  • Maximum pool occupancy will always be reduced to 50%
  • All persons must be 16 years old or accompanied by 18-year old or older to go to pool
  • Use face covering (masks) unless in the water
  • No guests will be allowed during this pool season
  • No lost and found
  • No large group gatherings unless they are immediate family


  • We encourage everyone coming to the pool to bring their own sanitizer and disinfectant to use before and after they touch anything on the pool deck.
  • The lifeguard’s primary duty is lifeguarding - thus, monitoring social distancing and other new norms should not be the responsibility of the lifeguards.

Pool Card Validation for Williamsburg Hamlet Requires ZERO balance on your account!

Have fun and enjoy the rest of the 2020 pool season!

Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association, Inc.

Board of Directors

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