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Check Out the 2023 Pool Schedule and Prepare for Some Fun in the Sun!

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2023 Pool Schedule and Hours of Operation

Our 2023 Summer is almost here and the WHMA swimming pool will be prepped and ready for you to enjoy. Our saltwater pool is another great amenity of living in The Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association community!

When using the Pool and surrounding area, please help us take care of it by picking up after yourself, being respectful of others, the pool area itself, and always practice safe swimming practices - never swim alone, wear sunscreen, and drink plenty of water. Remember, the cost of repairs and clean up comes out of your pocket.

The pool guidelines will be provided prior to opening day or May 27, 2023.

Please Note: only pool cards whose account is in good standing with the HOA will be activated. Please request any new pool cards ahead of time. The cost for each pool card is $30.00. Go to to view and download the Pool Card Registration Form.

Here is our 2023 Pool Schedule & Hours of Operation. The pool is located at 1903 Kings Arms Way.

Please let us know if you have any questions. And if you are reading this and have not yet subscribed to our blogs, please add your email below and hit the "Subscribe" button.

Thank you,
Board of Directors & Friends for the Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association


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