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April 2020 Garage Sales

· Williamsburg Hamlet,Garage Sales

Please cancel all April 2020 plans for Garage Sales.


We, the WHMA Board of Directors, previously posted an update about garage sales on our website and we also sent an email to homeowners who have provided a current email to the Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association. We added the following Special Note: This communication may be superseded by the current COVID-19 situation. Please watch your news channels for the most recent updates as garage sales may not be possible, especially in the month of April 2019.


It is now the responsibility of the WHMA Board of Directors to advise the cancellation of ALL GARAGE SALES in an effort to comply with requests we all have received from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Stay home, be safe, practice social distancing are just a few of the CDC’s recommendations.


COVID-19 is an emerging respiratory disease and there is more to learn about its transmission, clinical course, and populations at increased risk of disease and complications (see How COVID-19 Spreads ( Everyone can do their part to help plan, prepare, and respond to this emerging public health threat. As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, CDC strongly encourages all of us to prepare for the possibility of outbreaks in our communities.


After our Government announces that it is safe to resume normal activities, the WHMA Board of Directors can determine, and publish, a possible alternate month for garage sales to replace April.


We hope you all remain safe and healthy during this unexpected crisis.


Williamsburg Hamlet Maintenance Association

Board of Directors

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